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What to expect

From the moment you walk into our soft

industrial inspired salon you will

see happy, greeting

faces, a clean prepared environment & will

receive a

HAIR SPA experience

Between all our seating stations we have

dividers for a 100 % private experience

We offer a wide selection of drinks during

your visit, Our favorite drink to serve is our


We also have a Food selection when you have

a colour service

(the food menu is seasonal based)

Before we begin with your hair service we

do a full hair consultation, so that we know

what you like

and dislikewhat's your hair & colour

history & to make sure you walk

out of the salon 100 % satisfied

Our treatment room consists out of 4 basin

areas designed with dividers in between,

so that you can have a 100 %

private experience, whilst receiving an

ultra-relaxing, stress relieving scalp massage

Last but not least, With each service you

receive a complimentary hand massage to

finish of your experience at

Hair by Michelle Breedt

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