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The ultimate in foot care. All the benefits of natural
plant extracts and pure oils locally produced 

Step 1
To remove dead skin to make them healthy
and smooth 

Step 2
Ultimate relaxation for healing and anti bacterial

Step 3
Kalahari salt scrub
Our moisturizing, natural scrub is formulated with
the sweetest of sugars. Containing cosmetic A-grade
Mineral oil & Jojoba oil.

Why sugar?
Sugar makes an amazing abrasive ingredient in our
natural full body scrubs. It’s a natural humectant, so
it retains moisture and ensures skin is kept hydrated,
making it ideal for delicate and sensitive skin,
especially because it melts away upon contact with water.

Step 4
Revitalizing leg & foot gel
A refreshing light based gel containing actives to
revitalize tired legs and feet.
Our cooling and revitalizing leg treatment polishes
and hydrates tired legs & feet, eases muscular tension and
reactivates micro circulation.

Step 5
Soy wrap
This wrap containing pure soy wax for an ultimate
moisturizing foot treatment.
This treatment also includes the added benefits of
deeper penetration of our Refreshing Foot Crème 

Step 6
You can choose between the 
Refreshing foot crème or the
Body butter 

A foot crème, light texture specially formulated to
eliminate odour, moisturize, exfoliate and keep the feet
squeaky clean 

designed for all skin types 

A Butter, rich Shea based body butter with pure
baobab oil which will do the trick for dry skin for
all skin types

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